The Five Senses

They say we have five senses….you all know them. Sight, smell, hearing, taste, touch.

Many experts will tell you we have many more.

Proprioception, time perception…is another, and some “experts” feel we have up to 50 or more senses. And yet, even if we have that many I feel we still do not, cannot perceive even a fraction of all which is going on around us…in us.

We perceive things as solid, when they most certainly cannot be solid, since they are comprised of atoms, which all of us learned in Science class are constantly in motion. How are atoms which are in motion can be perceived as solid could be due to a human sense which causes the atoms which are in motion to cease moving only when we look at them and have the expectation in our mind that a solid piece of wood or cement will be there instead of a bunch of whirling disjointed atoms.

Think I’m crazy yet?

And what about the things which occupy the space around us, which we consider empty. Would it surprise to learn that some folks consider ever space in the Universe occupied by something. A matrix? That idea is much, much older than the Keanu Reeves movies.

I wonder how many more colors there are in the color spectrum we cannot perceive, how many more sounds and vibrations are there which we cannot hear, smells that elude us, subtle tastes we cannot discern, touches from Angels which we cannot feel but which protect us from harm. When we look in the starry night sky, how beautiful it is…but how much beautiful could it be? I took a picture last night of the stars…straight up above my head. When first I looked, there were the stars that had been visible. For kicks I started “expanding” the photo as one is able to with an iPhone until the entire screen was solid with the tiny red specs if stars I had not been able to perceive, but which were there in my moment of conscious ability to see them.

My Grandma once told me to be careful what I said or did, because God was watching me.

I believe she was right…the creator is right here in this same room…I just can’t believe enough, I just don’t have enough faith right now to see him, but I think one day I will, we will, certainly be able to.

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