Emotional Overflow

Time…once so seemingly plentiful now comes at a premium. I have wasted so much of it doing inane and unimportant things that I hope God can forgive me. I have tried to use it wisely, but I am simply a child in an adult’s body, and things don’t always turn out right. Who’s to say what’s a waste and what ain’t anyway! I think my forgiveness need be for things I have thought…which barely took up any time, and not for what I haven’t done. Those folks who seem to have accomplished so much, with their fame and their fortune…they only have so much in the way of time too. And it can’t be bought now can it? Only “watched” and then sometimes too closely.

I dreamt last night that I had died. Those are always strange dreams anyway, but this one was exceedingly bizarre, being as I also still seemed to be mulling about the house at the same time. I was checking in on everyone to see how they were feeling. Odd. Dead, yet still worried about how everyone else was doing.

It does give me pause that my mind would send me down that path in the few hours per night which I sleep. It’s not fair to have your “little death” imposed upon by dreams of the big one. Nevertheless, I seemed non the worse for my demise, except for the lack of communication with those still left in the world of the living. And I did thankfully wake up this morning. Really odd what a person dreams….

I see from that dream that the world will go on without me, not missing a beat. Songs will still be written and sung, and the beautiful orange sunrises and sunsets will continue. The birds will still fly, and the rain will come down upon both the good and the evil. Scrumptious meals will be cooked, served and eaten. Good books will be read by lucky readers. People will still work too hard, play too little, and stress too much about things which will mean absolutely nothing in the end.

All which really matters is the legacy of love you leave behind, and you build that remembrance IF you deserve it, in the hearts of those who have known you, by being there for them.

It’s all sort of left me “melancholy baby…” though.

I hope I dream about something different tonight.

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