The Morgans, Rockefellers and the Delanos.

Money….the source of it in our country, who controls it and how, has brought low the highest in power, and elevated to power the lowest in morality.  It has been this way for hundreds of years, but has been controlled more so in this country since around 1913. 

As you have seen, even since the financial crisis of 2008, who has been served by the laws and policies which were enacted? The people who were in debt, or their creditors? The common man, or the banks and stock sellers?  

Everything is out of the control of the people, because the people cannot even vote for the ones who control the money. They are appointees!  

In America, very few rise up above the rigged system to become rich. Most spend their live working for the man, and paying through the nose for the things they need the most. Not the automobiles or the TV’s! The health care, the drugs which are needed to live, the dental care. All are needed to sustain life, and can be withheld as kind of a “blackmail”

Think about it the next time you consider who controls the money, and what they want you to have. If bread and circuses will do (pizza and football) then America will remain what they want.