The Watch

As I look at my watch to see what time it is, and then at the calendar on the wall to see the date I realize that there is nothing, nothing whatsoever that I can do about the 67 years and 11 months that have already passed by on these two instruments of measurement.

All I can do is pray that the time that is ahead which I have left is

spent being more helpful to others, more loving than I have been, more

giving than I think I should be, and most of all more appreciative of

all that I have been given, right down to the tiniest tick of that watch

that I have on my wrist……

Keeping Up With Time

I was just looking at the calendar today, and I’ve glanced at my watch several times. Our two most reliable methods of “keeping up with time”.

Such a mystery, isn’t it? A minute of time does not seem like much, but try and hold your breath for that sixty seconds….then it becomes a long time.

Almost sixty six years is a long time, but it really doesn’t seem like much. It’s flown by like a 747 at top speed! Coast to coast in four hours!

I wonder how forever would feel?

A lot of our religions are rooted in the human beings need to live on and on, and the fear of the unknown that plagues our thoughts.

I wish I had the time back that I have spent fretting about the unknown. I’d take it back a second at a time, like the ticks on my watch. Or a week at a time, like on my calendar.

I’d take it a minute at a time, and maybe try to hold my breath!

Most of all, I’ll take it as long as it is given to me, and I’ll try my very best to be more grateful. And I’ll endeavor to stop fretting so much about that great unknown. However it ends up, I don’t think it will be a bad thing.