Is There Life Out There?

What If

What if, instead of the Universe being “full” of life on those Earth like planets they keep discovering, Earth is the only planet in the Universe with life. I understand the odds may be against it, but….what if?

What if, our race…..the human race, is the only form of life capable of reaching out and populating a vast, unmeasurable, infinite and empty wasteland of galaxy after galaxy?

Will we be able to do it, or will we squander the only chance to bring life, sacred and solitary life, to everywhere, because we cannot stand each other? That’s right, we cannot stand each other.

Any and every group which differs in any manner from another group, wants to destroy each other. That’s not hyperbole, its fact. Just look around you, listen, read and watch, then you will know.

The most holy and important mission of humanity may very well die on a radiation contaminated globe, populated only by cockroaches and crows, because of the inbred pettiness of it’s primary inhabitants.

That would be beyond shameful. It would be a tragedy of unimaginable consequence.