The Second Day of Infamy

At some point during the day today, the names of the people who died at the World Trade Center will be read aloud again. The innocent people who died there. We pay tribute to those heroes who died on that day, while they continue to whisper in the wind: “pay attention, don’t let our lives be wasted…it could happen again”

I personally think they died in order to entangle our country in an endless war. Not a war against a country or a group of people, but a war against an idea. A war against a word. How do you win that kind of war? How do you know when you have won? We certainly haven’t been doing much winning since that day. It would be a miracle to put this country back to the way it was on September 10th 2001. I don’t know if it will ever happen.

Americans have lost much of their privacy and personal freedoms since that day. We all know about the Patriot act, but there were and are many, many other changes to our Civil liberties which have been promulgated since that day. Enough to fill a book, many books really. Our freedoms took an extreme hit that day those innocent people died.

Presidents gained the power to practically wage unlimited war, through the AUMF…the Authorization for the use of Military Force. Originally passed to use against Al Qaeda, the Bush administration used it, along with puffed up UN sanctions in order to go to war in Iraq. Millions died.

The Obama administration took it to a whole new level by using it as a basis to drone kill practically ever person they considered a “prominent ” member of any terror related group, including U.S. Citizens. Hundreds or thousands of innocent people have died as collateral damage. Thousands of lawyers are employed to insure the killings are legal under the AUMF.

I’d hate to be Bush or Obama if there is Universal justice for the deaths of innocents.

So in the ensuing fifteen years your life has changed drastically and probably forever, though many don’t realize it, because they don’t feel it….yet.

Look to those who have profited since the day those innocent people died. Follow the money, as one of my friends says, and you will draw closer to the purveyors and the people movers who may have actually wanted this eternal war to happen, or at the least, saw it as a way to line their pockets, and swell their bank accounts. I haven’t got time tonight to make a list of the dirty bastards. You can Google them if you are interested. It’s not hard to find.

Another 911 anniversary today. The fifteenth. I sincerely pray for the lives of those innocent people killed that day, and those who have died since then because of the effects of that day.

They didn’t know when they went to work that day, or got on a plane that morning, that they would end up being sacrifices on the altar of the need for eternal war, greed and the need for a reduction in freedom for America and the entire world in general.

Others look at what happened that day, and based on what they heard on the news media….or what they thought the news media was giving them, have drawn a totally different conclusion than what I have drawn. And that’s OK. It’s fine.

Everything is opinion, and perception is always going to be reality.