The Richness of Ordinary Life

Today I was able to see and speak with each of my children. I was able to kiss my three youngest grandchildren, and tell them I loved them. I had supper with my wife of 46 years, and took the dogs out for a walk. I then took a 40 minute walk around town myself.

Sometimes I gripe about the way things are going in this country, and in this world, but I am so…so very lucky. If I make it one more day, or 30 more years, I am so very lucky.

I am not rich in terms of dollars and cents. As a matter of fact I live from month to month. But I have plenty to eat, and my barky dog located home is paid for. And if that’s all I have to endure, I am so very lucky.

I am not a refugee from war. I don’t live in a terribly repressive country, though some would make it that way if they could. I do my best to not let them because I am lucky enough to live where I am able to do so. I can still get in my car and drive pretty much anywhere I want without being bothered, unless I break a law.

I could, if I wanted to, go to any house of worship in this country and I would not be kept out.

I am so lucky to have been born where I was born. Yes, sometimes I gripe about the way things are going, because I want my grandchildren to feel lucky too when they grow up.

Now, I don’t have all the answers, but neither do any of you other people out there. Together we might be able to put something out there that’s gonna last. Together. With compromise, and compassion, and conversation….other than all this name calling stuff. It serves no purpose.

I am so lucky, and if you are reading this now, so are most of you.

Let’s try a little love. Start with your family tomorrow like I did with mine today. Work your way out from there and mean it!

If you are a Christian, remember Jesus said to love your neighbor….but he also said to love your enemy. The common word is love.

How we Love…

As the season changes, we all hope for some cooler weather, some rain. We all hope for peaceful evenings and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. For the most part, all human beings like these things.

Most of us love good food and drink, and we love our families. We like warm blankets when it’s cold, and ice cream cones in the summer. We like hugs from our loved ones.

Some love to read books, some like movies. Lotsa people like wine, or a good beer. A college football game.

To snuggle with our lovers, or our babies.

We love a breath of fresh cool air in the mornings, a good cup of coffee.

All humans enjoy some of these things…

I cannot understand it that when humans have so many things in common that they like,….they are able to hate each other so much….over their skin color, or their beliefs in some God, or if they are female, or speak another language, or if they don’t dispose of their toe nail cuttings in a sacred place.

What in the name of creation is wrong with our species! Where did the flaw in our evolution or the wrinkle in our culture occur which makes us such killers of people who other people care so deeply about.

It makes no sense….it makes no sense…