How we Love…

As the season changes, we all hope for some cooler weather, some rain. We all hope for peaceful evenings and beautiful sunrises and sunsets. For the most part, all human beings like these things.

Most of us love good food and drink, and we love our families. We like warm blankets when it’s cold, and ice cream cones in the summer. We like hugs from our loved ones.

Some love to read books, some like movies. Lotsa people like wine, or a good beer. A college football game.

To snuggle with our lovers, or our babies.

We love a breath of fresh cool air in the mornings, a good cup of coffee.

All humans enjoy some of these things…

I cannot understand it that when humans have so many things in common that they like,….they are able to hate each other so much….over their skin color, or their beliefs in some God, or if they are female, or speak another language, or if they don’t dispose of their toe nail cuttings in a sacred place.

What in the name of creation is wrong with our species! Where did the flaw in our evolution or the wrinkle in our culture occur which makes us such killers of people who other people care so deeply about.

It makes no sense….it makes no sense…

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