If I thought there was a chance to change America through what I write on Facebook, I would go all out with pen and pencil blazing to change what is, in my humble opinion, wrong in my beloved country. But there’s never been an instance of which I am aware where I have changed someone’s minds about their beliefs.

This is a reactive media. It’s an emotion driven ride where many people let others do their thinking and their writing for them. The media is inundated with “dueling memes” on all the hot button issues of the day. And in the end, hardly anyone’s Facebook persona is the same as their real personality. We all write from the perspective of our own positions, not from the perspective of how we would treat each other if we met in Wal-Mart, much less really get to know each other by becoming real life acquaintances. It’s a sad and futile way to try and deal with living in the real world.

We are taken advantage of by the demagogues and self serving political worms because they know all the right strings to pull. Up becomes down. The meekest and most polite people become right fighters for the wrong causes. It causes my heart to break, and my eyes to fill with tears at the injustices being heaped upon us from all sides, like hot coals on a pig in the ground. All we are lacking is the Apple in our mouth, and the oligarchic theocratic rulers will have us for dinner.

Longfellow wrote: “and in despair I bowed my head, there is no peace on Earth I said. For hate is strong, and mocks the song of peace on earth good will to men”

Common decency is being replaced by the boorishness of the bullies who will say any vulgar thing. How do we as Americans honor this type of attitude as acceptable? Is this the new normal? Will we go back to dueling before long to settle our differences and protect our honor?

Do we let a vocal minority of lawbreakers dictate morality for all of us? They do not even represent the majority of their own group! Yet we would hold them sacred above the law.

I’m puzzled, I’m confused, but most of all I am disheartened and surprised.