Man’s Worst Trait

The most difficult trait for humanity to overcome, is in my opinion, aggression.

That trait, along with Homo sapiens natural proclivity to stay together in first familial, and then tribal groups, has enabled us to survive and thrive.

Clashes over territory which contained game and wild fruit and roots escalated over the centuries into what we have now.

Wars over territory, differences in ideology, and the right to control the fates of massive numbers of other human beings, are taking place every day.

All this wasn’t quite as dangerous when our ancestors were using rocks and sharpened sticks. Now however, a small percentage of humans, known as the “genius inventors” have given mankind weapons of mass destruction.

Not all human beings have the temperament to be in charge of these terrible, awful weapons. Too much aggression….not enough temperance.

The time to search for a way to reduce human aggression as our main trait for survival….is now. I’d like for all my descendants to have a decent world to inherit. How about you?

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