Hate is Gonna Kill Us

I read scientific studies that show when a person does something compassionate for someone else, it increases the endorphins in their body and makes them feel better.
If a person feels anger and divisiveness, it increases stress hormones and makes them feel worse, and could eventually lead to health problems.
That tells me that we should stop listening to the people who are trying to divide us, no matter what the issue, and start being compassionate and empathetic to other people. We need fewer dividers and subtractors, and many more adders and multipliers.
I’ve seen and read enough stuff this weekend to fear for future health problems for a LOT of people.
Take it from someone who has had two heart attacks and health related problems, some of which I am sure was due to my stress level caused by letting things anger me….you are better off refusing to let divisiveness over things which you cannot directly affect you, cause you anger and stress.
Hug people you love, work in your garden, bake cookies, read a book, take a walk….anything….anything besides obsessing over social media issues.
Give to charities going to Puerto Rica or Texas.
I know that It is important to be aware of important issues, and to make your opinions known to people who can directly affect those issues I.e., call your Congressmen or Senators, quit buying products from advertisers that advertise on shows that you don’t think are in line with your beliefs, quit watching things that don’t match your values.
If you want to speak your peace on something, then do it. But forego letting it rule your life.
I’m trying, and I realize it’s hard. It’s hard for me. I know it’s hard for y’all too. But, we gotta quit with all the anger and division, because sooner or later, in one manner or the other, it’s going to kill us.

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