No need to complain

Why complain about long grass?

I found myself doing that this past weekend, and I got aggravated with myself.

I find as the years pile up that perspective changes. What people think of me personally means very little. Worldly items pass like windblown leaves in the storm of days. You start to consider your legacy…what will it be? I spend a lot of time with my kids and grandchildren, and I find that I LIKE them more and more. I have always loved them, but having them as friends is now so important.

If I indeed have a legacy it will not be anything I have every written or said, anything I have possessed or will possess, anything which I bequeath, anything concrete thing I have ever created.

It will be the images I leave… in the minds of those I love. It will be a kind word that people who I call my friends might say about me. That is all which will matter.

Not how long the grass grows, it’ll be growing over me someday and it won’t matter to me a bit.

2 Replies to “No need to complain”

  1. You have found the reason for living…the purpose of our lives…loving others and the “images we leave in the minds of those we have touched and loved”.

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