Mothers Day 2015

Mother’s Day is May 10th. Mom is gone. She died December 10th of the same year my Dad died, which was 2010. I miss them.

I know Sunday is a “holiday” which has been set aside to honor our Mothers…and our wives who are the Mother’s of our children, but really shouldn’t we do that every day?

I certainly love the Mother of my children every day. Paula Neurauter Bowers and I have been married 45 years, and for 42 of those years she has been a Mother….every day. I respect her more than I do anybody for being the Mother and Nana she has been. I think I have told her that on some other days besides just on Mother’s day. I hope I have.

Mother’s day seems to be getting more and more commercial every year like a lot of other holidays. They shame you if you don’t go to Jareds or Kays and buy her a diamond. I think a lot of Mother’s would as soon to have something their kids made them, than something bought.

My Mom kept a cutting board I made for her in Vacation bible school when I was eight. It said “Mother” I think I still have it somewhere around the house. She never used it, just kept it propped up in the kitchen. Guess it’s sort of like the little squiggly drawings I keep that the kids and grandchildren did when they were tiny and gave them to us as presents.

And then there are the women who have never been physical Mothers, but who have helped in the raising, nurturing, and educating of children. These woman should be honored too. Some of us kids had teachers like Miss Grace Hurtt, Dora Bankey, and Ms. Belva Ingle just to name a few, who were Mother’s to many children in their own way. We all know woman like these teachers. They deserve some honor too for “Mothering” many a downtrodden or wayward kid.

So, on Mother’s day show your Mother some love. Hugs, kisses, and thank you’s…and oh some flowers too if you just gotta! Tell someone who is not a physical Mother, but who has been significant in your life, you love them and you are taking time on this Mother’s day to let them know how much you appreciate them.

I’ll be thinking of my Mom, and I’ll be with my wife.

And lastly Dad…miss you every day old buddy.