Perception is Reality?

“Perception is reality” That’s a quote I used to hear quite often from the last manager I worked for. It’s not how you really are which counts, but how you are able to present yourself to the outside world, and to the people around you which counts the most. How then, are people really?

How many of us hide secret hates and prejudices in our hearts, but are able to make people “perceive” that we don’t. How many of us really “put on” the airs of Christianity one day a week and are “perceived” as good Christians, but step around beggars on the sidewalks thinking “you outta’ get a job” How many of us wish ill to people behind their backs, but pat them on the back and ask them how their family is doing to their face. Our country is in deep trouble because of the false “perception” of our own greatness…when much, perhaps most, of the world sees us in a much different light.

Different cultures “perceive” they way they wish to live differently than we do and when we try to forcefully install our values on them, they hate us for it. So, how do we change our reality as individuals and as a country? How do we change “perception” being reality?