Back in 2014, I kinda’ made the following promises to myself to do certain things. I’ve failed in some, and succeeded in some others. Sometimes it’s important to stop, evaluate…recalibrate, celebrate and gravitate to a different level in your life:

Eat better. Get more exercise. Laugh more. Hug someone.

Leave a good tip for your server. Give someone hungry some food. Take a picture of a flower, bird or a kid. (Alright…a puppy too) Tell someone you love that you love them…they need to hear it.

Write a poem. Drink some good wine. Read a good book. (One book I would suggest ANY teenage girl who is planning a relationship and wants to know what real married or “near” married life is like is “Joy in the Morning” It may seem a bit dated, but it’s great)

Find something nice to say about someone.

Forgive someone you need to forgive if possible. Don’t settle for mediocrity.

Live your live so that when you get to be older, you don’t look back and be overcome by regret. Keep an open mind, nobody is right about everything. Protect your loved ones.

Take up for the oppressed. Consider recycling and growing your own food. Don’t believe near everything you hear or read…especially on Facebook.

Get some rest now…And have a great cup of coffee in the morning.

Guten Abend.