Forgetting the Words and the Chords

I drug out my guitar for the first time in about 6 months to practice a song for someone. It’s amazing how the brain works…after I found the chords for the song I needed and got it down, I just fooled around and went through 6 or 7 songs I haven’t played in years. “I Go to Pieces” And then “Fire and Rain” and The Beatles “And I Love Her, and Yesterday” and ended up playing and singing a verse of “He stopped loving Her Today” for old “Possum” And I could have kept going. You see, I’m really not much of a player but a singer..And I have learned to play that way over the years, as an accompianist to myself. I’m pretty fair at that but not much else. I thought about old Glen Campbell’s daughter testifying before Congress the other day, trying to get more money for Alzheimer’s…telling about how her Daddy was losing his ability to remember the words..And the chords. And I went back and got the guitar and sang “By the Time I get to Phoenix”, and I hope they get that money cause I wouldn’t want to go that way…forgettin the words and the chords. I think I’d rather just somebody shoot me with one of them 300 million guns out there.