In the Midst of Change-2014

An older gentleman came by my table today at Trade Day and was wearing a “vote for Tom Dooley” button. I was gonna’ make some little joke about what would happen if he lost….as in “lay down your head and cry” so I say: “voting for Tom Dooley?” Big mistake. I got a fifteen minute teaching session on what is wrong in America today…mostly consisting of the fact that “America is not adhering to the Christian beliefs of the Founding Fathers” ….”but most of them were deists weren’t they, and didn’t they want separation of Church and State?” “NO SIR..!! that’s entirely wrong!” says he. “Our forefather’s were all good Christian men, and they wanted this to be a Christian country!” A young man who was with him shook his head in agreement. “But I have read that Thomas Jefferson had his own Bible, in which he made changes…and also had a child with one of his own slaves” I said, trying to go against the “good Christian men” theory. “No sir..” he say’s again. “That thing about the Bible is a lie…and that other thing about the slave women….well that was his brother that did that” “His brother?” I said. “Yep, everyone know that his brother was the one that did that and since they proved it with DNA..his brother would have the same DNA, right?” At this point he was getting a little red in the face…and I decided it was time to give up my position. “Well, I guess….” I said. He decided he didn’t want to buy anything and walked off. I looked at one of my other friends who sometimes comes to visit for a spell. “Hang down your head and cry” he said while

shrugging his shoulders.

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