How many of us remember rocking out to “RESPECT” by Aretha Franklin?

Ah..yeah, c’mon now, raise your hand. Yea, I thought so. Almost everybody.

It turns out that respect is one of the most basic things for which humanity is looking, and a basic thing which is lacking. We all want it, but often refuse to give it. Respect often just equates with common courtesy, something which seems to be have become a totally forgotten relic of the past. Holding doors open for people. Helping elderly folks carry heavy packages to their car. Little things which we used to do. Things I don’t see anymore…at least not as much anyway. I see so many people now walking with their heads down to the ground…never looking up, either lost in their own little world or afraid to interact in anyone else’s. Mostly gone are the days when people walked up to you with a friendly smile and a hello, or with their hands extended to shake yours. What happened to us?

Have you ever cut off anybody wanting to get in front of you in a lane you are riding in, when you really and truly had time to let them in? You just mumbled ‘screw you’ and acted like you didn’t see them? Be honest now. How about a little respect?

Have you trash talked or bad mouthed one of your children using words that would shame a Texas rodeo rider? Bad. How about a little respect? (Has your kid talked to YOU this way? How about a little discipline for them to teach them some respect? Maybe a butt warming would do them some good. I never saw any harm in using butt warnings with my kids, and nary a one of them are sociopaths)

Have you passed somebody you knew at Wal-Mart, or any other local shopping conglomeration and just ignored them, or simply turned down another aisle cause you didn’t want to run into them and have a thirty second or minute “howdy how are ya” conversation? How about a little respect? (the law of “random righteousness” will have those people you are trying to get away from, turn down the the aisle you turned down to get away from them, so you’ll run into them anyway!)

Have you left the toilet seat down (or up)

Have you forgotten to say “please” and “thank you?”

Did you ever KNOW to say them?

Did you teach your children to say them?

Respect is also a silent thing many times too. We can respect others through silence. If we keep our thoughts as thoughts and do not vocalize them, sometimes that turns out to be the greatest respect of all. If we keep our fingers off the keyboard and don’t put it up on the “board” for all the world to see that can be a measure of great respect.

Do you think of someone’s feelings before you post something on line which may or may not pertain to them? Do you consider the fallout?

Have you whispered a silent prayer for someone who needs it…or if you are not religious just think of them positively, and hope for the best for them? Call it what you will…prayers, positive thoughts…I believe they help. I believe they are guided towards the person at whom you are aiming them. I am a skeptical person, but I am human. I pray….I hope.

I will admit to not having enough respect for people sometimes. I sincerely apologize to anyone who has been on the receiving end of that lack on my part…including some of the above named examples.

How ‘bout a little respect? Aretha would love ya’ and other people probably will too.

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