Don’t Read this, please ignore it.

Ignore, ignore, ignore. Bury your head in the sand as long as the issues don’t touch you personally. It seems to me, it’s my opinion I suppose, that a certain percentage of America considers “the ignore” the way to live.

How can we ignore thousands of children being taken from their parents at our border, and possibly never being united with them again? Thousands….

Those of you with children, think about that. Will it perhaps be that way one day within our country? Will other reasons be invented as an excuse to start separating Americans from their own families? Believe me when I tell you, it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

When certain sectors of our society want to seize power and control, they will do almost anything to keep it. The billionaire elite who have staged a bloodless coupe in America in incremental steps since World War II will stop at nothing, and will sacrifice anyone who is not in their “club” to maintain their grip on our society.

The religious fanatics, such as the “core” Catholic Church, along with the evangelical extreme right wing, are also striving to continue to exert their control over the “soul” of our country. They want to be the ones who dictate to America how we must feel about our relationship to other human beings. How we must love. Who we must love. What we can and cannot do with our own bodies, while simultaneously they are either robbing us blind of our money, or their priests and preachers are molesting and doing unspeakable things to our children.

Those who seek to enslave, must have those they consider “beneath them” TO enslave. They must keep the masses poor. They must keep them ignorant. They must give them others to hate to focus their hatred upon. That’s the diversion and the “peanut shell game” they play to keep us divided.

And at the top, they must have a representative as a leader who is chief among dividers. Who is the egomaniac who can be controlled but the hi is at the same time out of control. The bully who loves bullying. The name caller, and labeler who is a master at propaganda and confusion. Who has been trained to give the people what they want: bread and circuses. Diversions from the truth through such blatant lies, that once they are bought into, they are almost impossible to let go of. People don’t want to believe they are the lowest bite in the food chain. Always there must be food beneath them in the food chain.

So, the dividers and controllers will continue to throw chum in the water with their schemes and lies, and then with their carefully woven webs they will continue to ensnare all the sharks as they madly feed.

Then they’ll start all over and do the same things again. Because they are never satisfied. Because they can never consider the game won as long as there is even one person left who’s mind is free and who’s spirit is untamed.

In order to let them finally win their ultimate victory all we have to do is put our heads in the sand and ignore what goes on around us.