Fevered Dreams

Some viruses have really unexpected side effects…besides the obvious. I had the nasty new norovirus over the past 24 hours. My Lord… if you have not had it…you don’t want it, and if you have…I feel your pain. I think I went to “sleep” about 9 o’clock last night…but my brain was doing some really weird things. I’ve been reading some novels in the Fantasy genre lately and early into my “sleep” last night I dreamed an entire set up for a novel, complete with characters, story line, etc. It was a good novel too! My brain then went through the entire novel and edited it for publication. I’m not talking about some nebulous half woozy idea…it was complete! I only wish I could remember it now. Unfortunately, it’s “Gone with the Wind” I also had some dreams of a technical nature, which include math I have never known..and wouldn’t be able to do on a “normal” day. I’m awful at math. These dreams had something to do with coming up with computer programs to protect against…of all things…viruses!

There were other weird things going on also…pretty much all night long. It makes me wonder if there shouldn’t be some scientific research going on about the effects of new viruses on the human brain. I need to check in with all those folks who have been getting sick on the cruise ships lately and see if they had any of the same symptoms. Our brains are about as fully explored as the oceans which surround us. We just think we understand and know about what’s going on. We don’t.