I’m a gray leafless tree on an icy winters day,

Branches held out to the heavens in supplication and worship

of the light which does not shine. Which will not be found,



In 1993, when I was 43 years old, my Dad was 65. Mom turned 65 in 1995 when I was 45. I was a little kid of 8 when my Grandpa S. was 65, and 14 years old when Granny S. turned 65. Daddy lived 17 more years and Mom lived 15. Grandpa lived 35 more years and Grandma lived 35 more years. Grandma Bowers/Knox lived to be 94, and Grandpa Bowers died at age 80 or 82 (unclear) in 1952….I never got to know him, and cannot even find a photo of me with him. If I make it until October I will turn 65 this year. Nothing to this post, except sitting around trying to gain a little perspective.