Glass and plastic and paper products,

piling up in my kitchen.

We separate and clean them every day.

It’s a mortal sin this day and time,

to throw a piece of styrofoam away.

We should call all those scientists up

on the telephone,

And give them all a cussin’

For depleting our ozone.

After all it must have been,

Their undisclosed intention,

To kill off all of mankind,

With their convenient inventions.

Take back plastic and gasoline!

And all those gifts you gave.

And all of us and our families,

Can move back into caves!

Well…I guess a little trouble,

To clean up the mess we’re in,

Won’t be too bad to make up

For science’s boners.

I don’t even want to waste,

My old body when I die,

So I signed myself up to be,

An organ donor!

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