Growing Up in Pictures

Growing Up in Pictures-from 2014

Infants grow so quickly. I see it happening every day on your pages my friends. Your children and grandchildren are shooting up so quickly through the ever upwards scrolling of my invasion into your voluntary living history.

It’s such a unique experience. A mostly joyful, but occasionally sad and sometimes embarrassing trip.

Some of you have taken that same trip through my eyes since I decided several years ago to share it.

Never before in history have we been able to see children grow, see people’s meals, discuss their politics, their religion, their gout, their cancer, their drinking habits, their decor, their craft projects, their favorite teams, their most hated teams, their current books, their divorces, their marriages, see their vacations, their vocations, their pets, their recipes, pictures of their bare feet, their bald heads, new tattoos or old kazoos, pray for them or curse them.

All from the comfort of our beds, car seats, office chairs, armchairs or rocking chairs.

It’s all very humbling to be privy to the lives of so many people, so many friends. At times in the past few years it’s been stressful, but…I have decided that it’s a good thing when taken as information and not criticism. After all, it’s a totally different paradigm, and for us to maneuver through it will take time to invent the rules and reinvent them…until finally there will be very few.

Besides, in the process of sharing the joy of my feelings for my “real” family I have become attached to many of YOUR real families. This means of communication has allowed me to love more people than I would have otherwise been able to do without it, so therefore by involvement with it, I am the better for it.

If this all sounds confusing to you, imagine how confused I was when writing it.

Keep posting the pictures of your babies and Grand babies please. I look forward to seeing them grow.

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