When will the Good Win Out

There are good people, wonderful human beings everywhere in this world. Good Israelis, good Palestinians, good Russians, good Chinese. There’s good Christians, good Buddhists and good atheists. There are even good bankers, and rarely…even a good politician.

Most people are just trying to live their lives with good intent.

I believe that only a small percentage of humanity is truly bad or evil, but they are mostly the ones who drive society and everyone else simply either follows, or reacts to them. Some react appropriately some don’t.

I hope it is not many more years or decades until the vast majority of good in humanity recognizes the bad apples and has the strength to stop following them or simply ignores them.

Selling-a 33 Year Tradition

As I was carrying around the big plastic “totes” in which we pack stuff to sell, I got to wondering how many years I have been doing this “going to shows…yard sales, etc.”

I looked back at some old pictures last night and found one from 1986 where I was sitting in my chair over at the old house on 9th street, and there were totes of baseball cards sitting behind me in the background. So, that would be 31 years. That’s about half a lifetime. And to think, I was going to “Trade day” and flea markets and going to card shows as a “customer” even before that date. I can remember collecting coins and stamps and baseball cards even as a kid, as far back as when I was ten years old. I think it’s just something inside me that compels me to be that way. It’s who I am.

I remember when Trade day started in Chattooga county, and it was down at the Triangle shopping center out in the “grassy area” Back then, it was mostly trading pocket knives, and some other simple stuff. Nowadays, it’s anything goes.

I think a lot of times that I wish I could snap my fingers and make all of the “junk” go away, but if I did I’d probably just go out and start collecting some more. Ah well.

In any case……Mentone Colorfest is coming up in October, and I’ll be there beside the Mentone Inn that weekend selling “stuff” I hope to see some family and some old friends come by that weekend…….