But I can Wait.

It’s going to be another hot day today, then they say it’s going to cool down a little. Perhaps there will be some nice days in September, but I can wait.

I know a lot of times we say “I just can’t wait for_____”.

Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Birthday, until I graduate….

I just can’t wait! But, I’ve decided I can wait. I can wait for all these things.

I want to take Life one day at a time. I want to see the family, the clouds the sky and the sun. The moon and the stars. The birds in the trees and at the feeder. I want to think about the things that are happening right now. I want to quit wishing time away, because time is so very precious.

So, those things which are coming…for which I hope to be here to witness, I will wait and I will be happy for this day and the joys which it brings.

The cleanest squirrel in Georgia.

I now have the cleanest squirrel in the State of Georgia living in the tree in my front yard. The bold little feller is a permanent resident of the Ivy encased Elm tree that stands on the West side of the house providing much needed evening shade. I water my plants regularly and refresh the water in the birdbaths every day or so, and I use a hose pipe with a “sweeper” nozzle so I can get out to the farthest reaches of my postage stamp size yard.

I was over next to the fence, just fixing to quit when the “dirty” little squirrel climbed down off his limb onto the top of one of my birdhouses. Seeing that he needed a bath, I screwed the nozzle to “high” which produces the strongest stream of water possible. Pointed the hose in his direction and let go of the crimp in the hose pipe I had been holding.

Now..I’ve seen squirrels make some amazing moves…they are quite acrobatic creatures, but when that stream of water hit that little bushy tailed rodent he did a double back flip with three and a half turns straight UP onto the limb above his head. It took him two more seconds to get back up to his home base…where he sat chattering and shaking like a wet dog. Well..now he’s clean and I ain’t seen him trying to rob the poor finches today…..