But I can Wait.

It’s going to be another hot day today, then they say it’s going to cool down a little. Perhaps there will be some nice days in September, but I can wait.

I know a lot of times we say “I just can’t wait for_____”.

Fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, My Birthday, until I graduate….

I just can’t wait! But, I’ve decided I can wait. I can wait for all these things.

I want to take Life one day at a time. I want to see the family, the clouds the sky and the sun. The moon and the stars. The birds in the trees and at the feeder. I want to think about the things that are happening right now. I want to quit wishing time away, because time is so very precious.

So, those things which are coming…for which I hope to be here to witness, I will wait and I will be happy for this day and the joys which it brings.

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