Old Time Country Music

Laying here listening to Alabama sing “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas (You’ve Gotta’ Have a Fiddle in the Band)” and I remember when they were the “hot” New Country band. Winning all the CMA awards. And Johnny Cash was still alive and well.

We saw a lot of the good Country artists back in the 80’s, at that field over at Calhoun, they called “Concerts in the Country” Hell..Kenny Rogers opened there one Summer..And it was WAY before he had his surgery, and he still looked like hisself. I sang right along with him on “The Gambler” and sounded so much like him that the people in row 8 couldn’t even tell I was singing at the top of my lungs. George Jones came there two or three times, and always closed with “He Stopped Loving Her Today” Diamond Rio was a local favorite at first because Jule Medders wrote one of their hits and he was a teacher from Calhoun, and there was the Judds,…before Wynonna got all kinda’ strange, and Naomi still looked great. Ray Stephens sang “The Streak” and Pam Tillis came and went during that ten years. And yeah…Alabama was there too.

The Eighties it was…Country music was fine back then…old Garth Brooks came there in ’89 I think it was, and the early 90’s saw that venue go back to being a cow pasture. Couldn’t pay them enough to come sing in the middle of a field they said, in a big old tent. Wasn’t fancy enough. I loved it though, even if did take a solid hour to get out..And I got stuck in the mud every time it rained hard…I think that was the beginning of the end for “real” Country music.

I had waited too late to get in on it, cause the winds of change was blowing’

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