How I spend my Days

I am older now, so sometimes I feel like I am. October 21, I’ll be 68, if I’m lucky. I’ve spent the majority of my days since December of 2010 around babies. That’s saved me.

I know that some days my wife and kids, my daughter in laws might beg to differ, cause some days I’m a little curmudgeonly. That’s putting it kindly. My nature is not that of a calm, cool and collected cat. I’m more like the long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs most days. But I do love my little ones.

Being around little ones, and taking care of them, from their infant days on up isn’t an easy thing. It takes consistency, patience, and me helping my wife…who’s the consistent, patient one. Throw in a couple of wiener dogs to boot, and you got yourself a pack.

Paula and I have done this because we were able to. We’ve done it because we believe Grandparents are better in the majority of cases to care for their grandchildren then nursery schools. I hear about kids being left in hot cars, or being abused and my blood boils. I hear from people who complain about the way kids act in public, and wonder if they were ever children, or were just born full grown.

I have had all of my grandchildren from the oldest down to the youngest one who can talk spontaneously, tell me “I love you Papa” just this week…just today from my three year old. And my little eight month old blondie laughs out loud at my teasing. What else could I wish for?

I wish for a world for these beauties to grow up in, which is not full of hate. A world which really does judge character, and not looks, or the little differences that all humans have. I wish for a cleaner world, without all the pollution…plastic bags and bottles. I wish for a world which does not judge or condemn whoever they may end up loving. I wish for a world with the opportunity for them to know happiness, as I have known happiness. I wish for them a childhood where they are not required to act as little adults, but can play and squeal, make messes with their toys, color, read books and have hugs when they get little hurts.

I wish for a world where they can one day make up their own minds about how they wish to live their lives. I wish for them to have compassion as on of their main qualities.

That’s a lot to wish for, a lot to hope for. I’m not sure how much of this I’ll get to stay and see, or to participate in. I’ll take every minute I can get. I hope all of my family both children an grandchildren will carry mostly the good memories we have had with them. Certainly, they haven’t all even been good, because I’m far, far from a perfect example. All of my “skills” at parenting have been OJT. It’s a good thing my group has had their Mom and Nana around.

I guess the best that can be said is that so far, they’ve all turned out to be pretty good people. That’s something unusual and worthwhile nowadays.

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