Practicing Kindness

The creator gave me some wonderful souls with whom to be associated. My wife, our children and grandchildren. Those who have passed on, who I have loved and missed so dearly. They have been and continue to be my anchor.

I have an obligation to fulfill to each person I meet, in the name of honesty as well as I can discern it. People deserve honesty, fairness, and caring. I revel in showing little tots how to hit a ball off of a tee. I am awed by the speed with which new babies learn so quickly as they transition into toddlers. I am surprised at how most people react when you simply smile and say hello.

This is a crucial and critical time in our country. It’s a time when families of all kinds must learn to understand themselves, and then learn to bond with other families. Some say the church is one place to do this, and perhaps it is, but I think we should come together at the level where ALL families can be involved. If the church cannot accept all types of families then it is not the ideal place for families to learn to bond. I see SO many good families both in person and online that I know if we worked together there is nothing we could not accomplish. We only lack a leader with the strength and fortitude to pull us together and not apart.

Most of all we, me must practice our kindness. I am afraid for the most part it is a learned trait. Start small and grow larger. Kindness often costs nothing but careful thinking.

We can bring this world back from the brink of disaster if enough of us want to. Our worst enemy is apathy and our worst trait is hesitancy to get involved in trying to make a difference. We humans are better than this, we just need to get our heads out of the sand and into the fight.

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