Election 2012, Accurate?

We need to all remember during this election year that nothing, and I MEAN nothing you are going to hear on TV (99.9%) will be totally true. Some of it will be WAY untrue…some of it will be a little untrue. No matter which side it comes from, extremists are the ones now controlling what we see and hear about what’s going on. Running the gambit from MSNBC to Fox. We must remember that out of all we hear, the truth…the real truth lies somewhere in between, somewhere in the middle. Neither candidate will be as good or as terrible as they are depicted. This is American politics in the 21st century and we should get used to it. We should also try and hold back our most “passionate” comments….things we may regret saying later, and simply remember that 90% or more of the people in this country already have their minds made up about the election and the negativity that occurs between now and November is a dogfight for the other 10%. (my statistical “guessing” I haven’t seen any polls…nor would I believe them anyway) We can discuss and debate, but let’s don’t cuss and hate.

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