My Plea

My fear for our species is that we have come so far, so quickly, while taking so little caution to understand what we are becoming, that we no longer really know what we are. What do you think we are? Do you give yourself a label? What do you call yourself. There’s tons of adjectives out there in the English language. Which one do you use to describe yourself?

Sometimes we rely on our labels to identify our emotions for us. If we are religious, we’re supposed to be kind. If we’re an atheist and do not believe in any Gods, then that somehow makes us “less” as a person. If we are “liberal” if we are “conservative” what emotions are we supposed to carry? (No answer required, it’s a rhetorical question).

If we forget the basic emotions that make us human, or freely give them up, then we are lost. If we tie our emotions to a label, we are equally lost.

One of the biggest problems is that lying is an almost innate human trait…at least in our society. Kids learn to lie before they can learn to read or write. A lot of it is “our” fault. Our being the caregiver or raiser of any child. You are alone at the house with a three year old, and you walk into the kitchen and there’s spilled milk on the floor. “did you spill that milk’? you ask the 3 year old. In their mind they weigh out the options to your “yes or no” question. “No” they say. “well if you didn’t do it, who did”? you ask. “The dog” they say. Well…there’s a million to one chance that it could of been the dog, so…you let it go. The child just learned something. It’s sorta’ like: “have you been eating chalk”? “No…not me.” “Well….then why do you have it all around your mouth”?

Today is a day for change, and only WE can decide to make a change in ourselves. Nobody else is going to, or has the ability to change you unless you want it. Other people can affect you, but NOT change you. Nobody else has to know you have pledged yourself to change. They will know by your actions. We cannot remain the same and expect the world to get better!

Forget your label and just become a member of the human race. Live and let live. Don’t hate something or someone simply for who or what they are.

Start getting rid of politicians who do nothing but lie and foment hatred. Vote the out. Reject their rhetoric. Don’t let them decide who you are.