Devotional #2

Whoever said words which motivated you. Words which made you love. Words which filled you with hope and gave you joy.

Whoever showed you compassion, or taught you compassion. Whoever let you know that to give is better than to receive, and a kind word is better than a hateful act.

Whoever told you that the light drives out the darkness and to treat each person as you would want to be treated. Whoever gave you cold water to drink and a warm hug to pass on.

Whoever showed you how to thread a needle, or to catch a fish to feed a hungry man. Whoever gave you a dime for a cup of coffee when you were broke, or helped you catch up on your job when you were behind.

Whoever did these things showed you the path to follow in order to live a decent life….they showed you respect and provided you an example. It doesn’t matter who they were, or when they lived. Historical or contemporary. They are our heroes and our role models.

Why would we now want to turn away from their teachings and embrace the darkness. Think about it before you go in that direction. It’s easy to be led astray, but harder to find your way back.

Reject hatred and bigotry. Make sure everyone you know, knows you reject it. Don’t accept it no matter what the source. There is a lot of it coming from places and people who are supposed to be teaching us to love one another. There is a lot of it coming from those who would be our country’s leaders. Many know not the meaning of serving.

Let your philosophy of good, and your built in values of conscience which let you recognize right from wrong be your guide. Let these things get us through this year and through our lives. Let us perform the fundamental changes which will bring about a new world filled with people who want to live in peace.

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