Devotional 2

Devotional #1

I love looking at sunrises and sunsets, and taking photos of them. I also love the moon, and taking it’s photographic images. The moon in the sky is such a beautiful thing when it is full and large and hanging low in the sky.

We have to remember one thing though, and that is: were it not for the light of the Sun, we would never see that beautiful moon. Were it not for the light from the sun, everything here on that beautiful blue marble we call Earth would shrivel up and die, it would freeze over and be gone in such a short time, that it would hardly give we humans time to think about it.

Somewhere, somehow a long time ago the creation of our Universe was put in motion. The Universe, in my own personal opinion was “created”

I cannot imagine how, or why. I am unworthy to even guess about the motives, if there even was a motive. It is difficult for me to even understand the little things, such as how the invisible wind is moving the trees in my back yard to and fro at this very moment.

All I know is that it does.

I do believe the Universe was created, and that the force which created it was good. The Universe was created in order to show the light, just like that good light from our Sun. It was created to overcome the darkness.

I am going to try and remember that today as I go about my daily life. We are creatures of the light, and as such we are here in order to fight the darkness….both physically, such as when we turn on the lights in our room, and spiritually….such as when we bring love to others.

No matter what philosophy of life you follow, you have to remember that any philosophy which is “good” involves the light, and as we all surely know the light always opposes the darkness.

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