Remembrance of Loved Ones

When I walk and I remember those who are gone from this earth, I sometimes think…well I should visit the cemeteries where they lay more often than I do.

But then I consider…my Granny and Grandpa are buried 100 miles away, yet I think of them almost daily. Mom and Dad and Karrie Lynn are buried in the old Trion cemetery and I pass it almost every day, yet I don’t go in very often. But I think of them constantly.

All of the people I have loved, family and friends, still live in my heart. In my memory. In my love.

I don’t need to go to the place where their physical remains are residing. There’s nothing there. There will never be anything there…except the emptiness, pain and grief I felt the day we laid them in the ground.

I can do without that.

I’ll keep what lives inside me gladly over what’s been returned to the earth. Those memories light a candle for my soul every day.

2 Replies to “Remembrance of Loved Ones”

  1. This writing of yours speaks my heart. I love your ending sentence “those memories light a candle for my soul every day”. Thanks so much for writing…and sharing. Love you, friend.


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