Riding the Same Boat.

As we move forward, we must keep in mind that we….all of humanity, ride the same boat.

We have to begin deciding whether or not we want to leave our descendants a world on which to live and thrive, or whether we want them to become extinct. It’s that simple.

Use your brains logically in the decisions you make, and don’t be persuaded by anyone that you cannot. Decisions made based on feelings of hatred, mistrust, partisanship, and self righteousness are usually tainted decisions.

We have to do more thinking, more researching, and much more soul searching if we want to survive as a species.

I’ve been as bad as anybody in some cases about my feelings and opinions, but going forward I’d like to try and work for the good of everyone. I don’t know if it’s possible for me because of all the pre conceived notions and dogma that I was exposed to so early in life, which has shaped how I react to things. I will try very hard though.