The Magic Walking Stick

I know I sometimes must appear a bizarre sight, walking all over town with my stick in my hand and occasionally stopping and using my phone to snap off a photo. People ride by and stare, and kids sometimes snicker. I really don’t mind.

I suppose they would really think me insane if they knew of the conversations going on in my mind as I amble along. I talk to my Dad. I’ve been known to say hello to the huge oak tree which sits in the yard of the house where I lived as a child. It’s been there my entire life and shows no sign of moving.

The hawk that flew overhead today with his “scree, scree, scree” got a wave out of me.

….and the wind whistled a bright tune on the rim of my hat”

And I just had to chuckle out loud as I recalled Eli tearing down the church aisles today, racing to the bathroom oblivious to the palm Sunday special music. God probably got a laugh out of that one too.

Life is to live, and not always walk in the shadow of our impending mortality. Forget about it for a while on days like today. Too soon you will have to consider it seriously enough, because Lordy how time does fly! Seems the only time it slows down is when I take that magic walking stick in my hand….