Looking at a Hot Horseshoe

Never grab the blade of a Jigsaw with your finger and thumb after it has come out of the saw…particularly after you have been cutting some really hard wood for a couple of minutes….It sort of reminds me of the story about the little old man who was walking down the street back in the old days…the late 1800’s, and he was passing by a Blacksmith shop. The blacksmith was hard at work on a horseshoe and as he hit it, it flew out the door in front of the old man on the street…still red hot. The old guy bent over and picked it up and INSTANTLY threw it right back down! “That thang hot?” asked the Blacksmith. “Naw” said the old man “It just don’t take me long to look at a dang horseshoe” Well…it don’t take me long to look at a jigsaw blade either…

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