The Rules of Electro Engagements

Welcome to the world of instant information, or misinformation. The world of instant fame on YouTube, or instant shame on Instagram. The world of hackers, and improbable experts in every subject they did not study but know everything about. The world of instant anger and self righteousness. The world of instant misunderstanding, because you cannot see the face of the “speaker” nor the tone of their voice. The world where “Lol” covers your azz for saying anything, anytime. The world of fantasy mixed with a few facts sprinkled sparsely amongst the overload of BS. The world where too many spend too long too often.

Where do we go from here? Who writes the rules of operation? The etiquette of the cyberspace. The rules of engagement, the Geneva convention of electronic war?

I read a lot of comments on myriads of different posts about a variety of subjects, and I hope that most people are hiding behind that wall of cyber anonymity in what they say. Otherwise we have some seriously sick people out there, and we are in BIG trouble.

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