2014-it came and went. All in all, a good year


One week from today it will be 2014. I turn around and look back at all the wonderful and terrible things that have happened in this world since my birth in 1950, and I am simply awestruck.

It seems like a totally different world now. For things to have moved on so quickly is also sometimes disconcerting to those of us who are moving into the “older American” demographic. I try to adapt to new things, and I think I do fairly well, but I don’t think it is possible to just pick it up like the youngsters who start out in life with all the new and modern electronic gadgets, gizmos, and equipment. My little two and a half year old grand kids amaze me at what they can do, which seems second nature to them, but are things which I consciously struggle with when I have to do them. All I can say, is that if things start to go too much faster, I am not sure I can hold on to the caboose of the train without falling off.

Yes, 2014 is coming. Coming fast, and maybe in some respects careening out of control.

I don’t like the way some things are happening. People’s love for other people, which has always been less then it should be, is getting to the point of being minuscule. Many of the things I read and see about the way humans are treating other humans makes me sick, and I guess it makes my kind of glad that I AM 63 years old. If I was a lot younger, I am not sure I could survive the world with the type of outlook that I have. But, I have to hold out hope that there are better days to come. I have to do that for my children, grandchildren and their unborn children who will come into this world one day and struggle to live in it.

2014 is coming and as we go through this season of “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men” I really wish we all (including me) would try to live those words a little more, and not just sound them out meaninglessly into the air, never really thinking about what it would REALLY take for there to BE Peace on Earth.

I really think that the thing that we need to think about the most is what can we give to the world, and to the people we love? I have spent weeks now looking for presents, trying to select just the right things. Material things. But when I stop and think about it I know that one of these days all of these material things will be meaningless. When I think about it, the most valuable thing we can give to the ones we love is our time. That’s the thing I think I have been the worst manager of lately.

I work and work on things that I think are important in order to get extra money, or try to make ends meet, when I should be putting more faith in the one whose birth we celebrate during this time of the year to take care of things. We as humans always try to take too much on ourselves. We try to do everything on our own without giving our creator a chance to help us. I think during the coming year I am going to try and take a little more off of my shoulder’s and have faith that things are going to be ok.

I hope that during the coming year I can get back on track with my writing and communications, my music, but most of all just helping others when I can. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and let’s get ready to celebrate 2014, a year which is open for opportunities for us to become better people…to become better human beings. We only have to look just a tiny, tiny bit closer for the opportunities…they’re there, believe me, they’re there.