I Believe

I believe in very few things concretely anymore. This is a time of flux and chaos.

I don’t believe all American’s have a chance to achieve what some Americans have a chance to achieve.

I believe we are entering an era when fear tactics and intimidation of some people is going to become more brazen.

I believe the rich are going to get richer, and the poor will become poorer.

I believe Senior Americans will become cast offs and throw aways

I believe jobs will become more scarce, and things Americans buy will become more expensive.

I believe that nuclear weapons could very well be used for the first time since World War II.

I hope that family units will stick together and support each other. I believe trust in other institutions outside of close families is going to diminish.

If I am wrong, then at some point….if I am still here, you can point your finger at me and laugh.

One of my favorite songs used to BE “I Believe” :

I believe for every drop of rain that falls

A flower grows

I believe that somewhere in the darkest night

A candle glows

I believe for everyone who goes astray, someone will come

To show the way

I believe, I believe

I believe above a storm the smallest prayer

Can still be heard

I believe that someone in the great somewhere

Hears every word

Everytime I hear a new born baby cry,

Or touch a leaf or see the sky

Then I know why, I believe

Everytime I hear a new born baby cry,

Or touch a leaf or see the sky

Then I know why, I believe

By Ervin Drake and Jule Stein. Originally sang by Frankie Lane

I’ve sung this optimistic song many times….and believed it.

Wish I could still say I did…….perhaps again one day.

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