My Generation

I think of the years in which my generation grew up and I am simultaneously very sad and very angry. I weep because my grandchildren will never know the kind of security, safety, and naitivity we knew. I am angry because my generation did not do the things we needed to do in order to keep them safe.

I can see, in hindsight, where the critical mistakes were made. They were mistakes mostly of omission. They were mistakes that could have been helped if we as a people had thought a little harder, and fought a little harder to make the difficult decisions.

At one point after my first semester in college, I wanted to major in political science and go into politics. I took two Poly Sci courses my first year. I was gung ho to get things straightened out! I dithered. I sailed through life without much of a course set. I don’t think I was the only one though. There were lots of us who could have done a lot more. Life happened how it usually happens. Quickly. You start something, and you turn around…and it’s ten years later!

I wish for all the world I had gone forward with that wish to go into politics. Maybe I could have made a difference. Newt Gingrich was there at WGC at the same time….maybe I could have just offset him. That would’ve helped a little.

As it is, I just have to say how sincerely sorry I am for the world we are handing off to our Children and their children. It’s not the world our parents gave us. I hope that your generations will be wiser than we were. I hope that by studying our mistakes future generations won’t repeat them. Is that possible? I hope….

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