I Can’t See the Wind

As I walked today I looked through the large plate glass window at a plastic Coffee cup with a black lid being played with by the wind. First it stood at a near impossible 80 degree angle on its bottom edge, and wiggled for a few seconds. Then it suddenly just flipped over on it’s top and landed as flat as a gymnast sticking a dismount.

It then blew about 10 ft down the parking lot, suddenly stopped, reversed course two feet and swirled round and round three feet up into the air along with a nest of dry oak leaves. It fell back to ground and circled slowly like wagons getting ready for an Indian attack.

I cannot see the wind, but I know its there and that it exists. I wonder often what it does look like to the ones who can see it. It must have dainty white hued hands, and powerful big red mittens to be able to do what it does.

But, I cannot see the wind that moves the plastic coffee cup. The same wind that moves small things so cleverly but can blow away entire towns if it wishes. And if I cannot see the wind, what else am I overlooking? What more things, both benign and powerful exist side by side with me that I cannot detect, because unlike the wind they choose not to make their presence known?

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