The Puzzle of Life

In order for humanity to coexist in harmony we must first realize that everything changes sooner or later. Impermanence is the hallmark of the human race. Nothing we build or think is permanent. Not a skyscraper nor an idea.

As a child I used to put together jigsaw puzzles, and when I poured them out on the table, I thought to myself “this is impossible” these thousand pieces will never fit together! The shapes were so odd, so random. I started working slowly, and over a long period of time, with patience and study, I did it.

I believe every person should be required to put a thousand piece puzzle together. Every doctor, lawyer, preacher, teacher, politician ( oh yes especially them) and factory worker…should be required to fit the pieces together and complete the puzzle, before they can move on in their profession. Then, when they are through…take a picture of it and take it apart and put it back in the box. The picture to remind you that the most difficult problems, relationships, and situations can be solved if one does not give up. The box of pieces to show that things change, and nothing is forever.

Then imagine our lives as that puzzle, and take the picture out and look at it when we need encouragement.

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