And to think, I just thought 2019 was bad……

I think all of this trouble started when everyone wanted a TV in their homes. Then one in every room. The rich weren’t satisfied with Huntley and Brinkley, or Cronkite. Too honest and only on thirty minutes a night. So, they invented 24 hour news. It was great! A wonderful place to spread propaganda and lies disguised as truth. And so in those days, the media outlets prospered. The rich found more and more ways to influence people to do their bidding. “Buy more stuff” “ everyone needs new cars” “those aren’t the droids you’re after”.

CNN came along. Then Fox. Lotsa people watched. The rich sunk more and more money into convincing people that stuff was the most important thing. Professional sports was the common man’s balm. Work six days for the man, and watch the NFL on Sunday. Watch “news” 24 hours a day. Believe what they tell you. Work, work, work, and pay your taxes. Watch pro wrestling. NASCAR.

But we can’t spend as much as we want to on politics and buying politicians, said the rich. 2010 comes along, and SCOTUS gives then Citizens United. Bingo!! Unlimited dark money. Koch’s, and Adelmans, and Rupert, and Soros throwing money everywhere! Computers are everywhere now. Social media taking over. Facebook! Twitter! Influence galore. Take the generation just dumbed up on 24-7 news, and put them on hyper drive. “ Now all we need is somebody that can capture the headlines day after day after day with outlandish, lying, and over the top megalomaniac personality”.

Comes 2016….ALL the media is in love. The haters and the lovers have a focus from now on to make money, money, money……and the people….who cares about the people. They’re there just to work, work, work and listen to us, or give us likes or loves or emojis. We’re all good now!!!

No, I’m not drunk or crazy,…just tired, so…very…tired of it.

And I need sleep after that!,