An Early Christmas Writing

Opening doors and closing them. Both physically and metaphorically it is all we do in life. Before there was this medium in which to wax nostalgic, I was simply concerned only with what was going on with myself, my immediate family, those I worked closely with. For many years, that’s all it was. That’s all it had to be. Oh, I knew there was a world full of other human beings out there, but I wasn’t mindful of what was going on with them. Their joys, their sorrows, their inner thoughts, their rantings, their wisdom… was just whispering in the wind. I cared not because I knew not.

Upon entering into this unknown means of communication, I first sought out family, then old school friends, whom I had lost contact with. It was fun catching up with them, finding out what had happened in the last forty years. Drawing close to them again through common experiences and causes…sometimes agreeing on things, sometimes not. Thus is the way of human beings. We all have things in common, we all have differences.

Strangely, I began to become friends with people who I never knew before but who were friends with one of my friends. My relationship with people began to branch out beyond my little circle. I have become friends with people who have and hold some of the same beliefs and philosophies which I hold, and some who do not. I have met some people because of this medium and hold them in high regard and really, genuinely care about them, and through them, their loved ones. My artist friend with his big dog, my flea market buddy with his gorgeous talented family, my new friend the coach and teacher down highway 27 way, the teacher of my lawyer buddy, my friend the radio announcer and Sunday School teacher. Old friends who have reintroduced themselves back into my life…who I knew closely in my teenage years. Growing closer in friendship again with many old friends through empathy and sympathy with their familial situations. Common likes…My old Buddy the wonderful biking, caving photographer and his sweet wife. My UGA fan buddies, my Vegan and vegetarian friends. I could go on.

I guess the most important thing is that for the most part, I love people. I love good discussions where if everyone doesn’t agree, we at least can have our opinions and be civil with each other (though I have NO tolerance for those who cannot be civil, and resort to name calling or vulgarity)I love seeing the love that others have for their family and friends, and the photos of them they post showing their love.

Their expressions of love for their family, and their thoughtful and loving posts many times touching me deeply.

Their are many who would use this medium to spread their lies and their hate. Let’s not allow them to take over what could be, and had been up until recently a positive thing. Don’t share one sided hate “memes” just to have something to post. Think before you do it “will this cause harmony or discord?” If you want to post a page at least put a little preamble of your own words on it to let others know your purpose in sharing. If you have an opinion on something, use your own words. Don’t let others who are extremists use you as a tool. I’ve been guilty but I’m honestly trying to do better! (And I still try here in 2020, but don’t always succeed)

Love not hate. Empathy and sympathy not empty feelings. We can use ALL things for the good of others if we only pause to think, to consider, to put ourselves in the shoes of others for a few miles before we judge.

Peace to you all.