The center has not held

I can’t describe how infuriated I was yesterday to see the photos and videos of people coming into airports returning from Europe because they were scared and UNDER-INFORMED about the new travel restrictions.that were put in place by the President. This restriction was put out without warning or coordination with our allies and countries in Europe, and it was originally thought the restrictions also applied to CARGO. That was not the case and corrections had to be made almost immediately. It was also not clear that the travel restrictions coming from Europe did NOT apply to American citizens.

So…people panicked and the airports were jammed and packed with people for hours….people coming back from countries more infected with corona virus than here in America. All jammed packed together, coughing and breathing and rubbing up against each other. Many of them did not even get checked as they went through customs. They interviewed a couple from Chattanooga yesterday on channel 3 who said they came back from France, and went right through customs without being checked. Today they found another TSA worker in Atlanta who was positive for the virus. This was a huge mistake. It increased the problems we are going to have in this country exponentially.

In this country we are asking people to keep their distance from each other. We are asking people not to gather in groups. We are short on hospital beds, equipment, and manpower in our hospitals. This is the most serious crisis in my lifetime, and I was born in 1950. I don’t think there’s anyway to avoid this virus long term, so it becomes a matter of when it comes home to roost, not if. It becomes can it be survived? Most people will survive, more than will die….but “the center cannot hold….mere anarchy is being loosed upon the world.” (yeats…the second coming)

This could have been handled better, it could have been handled earlier, and more efficiently. It could have been taken more seriously earlier. We could have been better prepared. Lord I hate for people to die because of what might have been! I hate for the world to suffer because our civilization is breaking apart…even though writers and artists warned us. Scientists warned us! It makes me so angry. It’s so scary. Damn!

I don’t know where we go from here, as a country….as a world or as a race. Humanity. Humanity will survive, but the things are going to be so different next year this time, in two years, in five years. There will be a new normal….there will be a new….normal. Nothing will ever be the same. Nothing. I don’t know if I’ll be here to see it or not. If I am, I will help anybody in any way which I can. If not, then all I can do now is as I have been doing of late and that is to pray.

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