One of the Things Daddy Told Me

One of the few things my Daddy told me when I was a kid that were “fighting words” was if somebody called me a son of a bitch. He told me that if anyone ever said that to me and I didn’t fight them, and he found out about it, he would give ME a whupping. I never had anybody use that profanity on me, or it would have been a fight, although I’m sure it’s been said about me behind my back.

I learned a lot of rough words growing up, because I was the son of a “sailor” and the grandson of a man who knew every cuss word in the book, and when he lost his very quick temper, he’d use them all. I’m guilty of using cuss words in everyday conversation, and I admit that. The fact that I did it didn’t make it right. It didn’t make it more palatable for other people to hear. The “shock value” wasn’t worth the usage of those words, and as I have grown older, I have regretted using them, and have just about been able to stop.

Our society and our culture suffers, when we as a people, or any who deigns to lead us, cannot find other ways besides such vulgarity to express their opinions. Others may think it’s ok, but my opinion is that it is not.