A Tribute to Life

A Tribute to Life.

Walking into the warm westward blowing wind this afternoon early, with the sun breaking through the thick gray clouds, I have never felt more alive. Yet I thought if I could let my soul slip away, in that one tiny silver of a sublime moment, I might do it.

But I still have much to do, and many to hold. I still can give of myself without regret, so I will wait for that one day in the future when the same wind blows and the sun shines bright and I am truly ready to go.



We are of the earth, no matter your philosophy of how we got here.
We are all creatures of this world.
No matter our skin color or the shape of our eyes, we are creatures of this world.
We are so much like other living things, that it is plain to anyone who will look, that our basic blueprint was laid down long ago, in our cells and in our spirit.
We are of this Earth, but our spirit can soar high, if we will only allow it to do so the first time.
High into the pink sunsets we can fly like the eagle or the hawk.
We are every cloud and raindrop which falls and runs to the sea.
We are of the ocean, and every wave which breaks on the sand.
Forever tied to our planet which sustains us, which has sustained us, and which will be here long after us.

Larry Bowers