It’s amazing to me that we as humans give so much credit to the brain for everything which we do.

For some reason this afternoon I have been considering the fact that when I really have a deep feeling, whether it be love, sadness, anger or longing, that feeling wells up from within my chest, never from my head….

I feel my heart beating within me every night and I thank God for allowing it to continue. Life is so good, even with all the bad things that often happen. Even with the spirits of darkness which swirl in the air around us on a daily basis… is good.

I am thankful for my family and my friends, who give from their hearts to me when I often am undeserving.

I am thankful for my friends who exist for the most part here…in this land of pictures and words and images, even those with whom I have never had a handshake or a touch. I value your good intentions, your kind words.

Henry Van Dyke said: “A friend is what the heart needs all the time” and it is true…

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