Are we in Charge?

We have been given a great gift, whether by luck or on purpose, depending on your belief system. In either case, it is a wonder and a miracle. It is our life here on this wonderful planet.

Out of all of the stars in the sky at night….the millions and billions, our star…the Sun, Sol… sustains this third planet from the sun and we live here in relative comfort.

Out of all the species on Earth, we humans have become the dominant life form.

I think we fail to realize sometimes that the resources here on our planet are finite, not unlimited as we seem to think. One day, all of the things we take for granted will run out. Chief amongst them in rank of importance would be air to breathe, water and food.

I don’t know how quickly things are becoming critical, but it seems to be happening faster than many scientists have anticipated. I’m not sure how severe things will become in my lifetime, but certainly the next couple of generations will see changes that will require major adjustments.

It is to that end that I am concerned with issues involving our environment. I think it would be to our advantage, for the sake of our descendants, that we all be concerned, and do what we can to preserve a world on which those descendants can live.

My generation has been the luckiest and most fortunate of almost any which have come before, as far as the manner in which we have been able to live. I feel ashamed personally for not having had the foresight and the resolve to be more careful about what we have been doing to our world. I’ve been on “cruise control” just sailing along and not thinking of anything much other than my own immediate needs and those of my close family.

If indeed God did create us, and give us a caretakers role for the Earth, we haven’t done well. I hope future generations will do better, and I’m trying to help them what little I can while I’m still around. We all should. We owe it to the future residents of this wonderful planet.

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